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Inteli-Power AC Features:


The AC  Distribution Panel is rated for 240 VAC @ 50 AMPS input voltage.
Maximum  output voltage is 120 VAC @ 50 AMPS.


Provisions for up  to 12 branch breakers (breakers not included).


Center feed dual  50 AMP main breaker (not included).


AC Panel features  12 built-in push and lock strain relief wiring connectors for quick  installation. Saves over 50% on installation cost.


Vertical or  horizontal mounting choices.


Attractive light  weight panel design made from impact-resistant high temperature  polymers.


Note: AC Breakers are not included and shown for reference  only.


Covered by one or more of the following patents: 5,687,066 5,600,550  5,982,643 6,184,649 6,424,520 6,430,036, and 7,782,002.



Now with a switch to allow lead acid or lithium battery charging!




Inteli-Power DC Features:

Top two fuse  holders recommended for low current devices such as smoke detectors and carbon  monoxide detectors.

12 or 18 Branch  fuse holders with maximum rating of 30 AMPs.

Optional terminal  block or wired branch circuit connections.

Optional L.E.D.  indicators identify which fuse is blown.

Converter/Charger  section is accessible from the front.

Converter/Charger  ratings of 60 and 90 AMP, which is the largest rating available in the  industry.

Easy access  reverse battery protection fuses.

DC disconnect -  allows the attachment of a remote DC disconnect switch.

Optional DC  Ground Buss can be user-installed in the DC wiring  compartment.

Other PD4500 Series  Features:
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Electronic current limiting
  • Low line voltage protection
  • Intelligent cooling fan
  • High voltage protection
  • Automatic thermal protection
  • Press open door for easy access to  circuit breakers
  • Front access to large wiring  compartment
    PD4500 Inteli-Power Panel Specifications  Table
      PD4560 PD4590
    Maximum DC Output Current 60-AMPS 90-AMPS
    Maximum Continuous Input Power 1,000 WATTS 1,550 WATTS
    No Load DC Output Voltage 13.6 VDC 13.6 VDC
    No Load Voltage Tolerance +/- .3 VDC +/- .3 VDC
    Full Load Output Voltage > 12.6 VDC > 12.6 VDC
    Ripple and Noise Voltage <100 MV RMS <100 MV RMS
    Input Voltage Tolerance 105 - 130 VAC 105 - 130 VAC
    Input Voltage Frequency 50-60 HZ 50-60 HZ
    Peak Inrush Current 47-AMPS 80-AMPS
    Input Current at Rated Power ˜11.4-AMPS ˜17.7-AMPS
    Efficiency (Typical) > 80% > 80%
    Reverse Battery Protection YES YES
    Electronic Current Limiting YES YES
    Cooling Fan Auto-variable speed Auto-variable speed
    Back Up Thermal Protection YES YES
    Full Function Charge Wizard YES YES
    Storage Temperature -20-80C -20-80C
    Operating Temperature 0-50C 0-50C
    Hipot Voltage Test <-------- 1240 V @ INPUT TERMINALS  -------->
    Over Voltage  Protection YES YES
    Under Voltage Protection YES YES
    Weight 10 LBS. 11 LBS.
    Cutout Size 10.125W x 13.25H 10.125W x 13.25H
    Dimensions 11.85W x 14.125H x  8.5D 11.85W x 14.125H x  8.5D
    UL & c UL Listed YES YES

Inteli-Power 4500 Series models can recharge the battery to 90% in  2-3 hours using our patented Charge Wizard technology.


The built-in Charge Wizard automatically selects one of three  operating modes: BOOST, NORMAL, STORAGE.


BOOST Mode - Indicated by green LED remaining on. The output voltage is 14.4VDC to rapidly recharge the battery up to 90% of full charge.


NORMAL Mode - When the battery is between 50% and 90% charged, the  green LED will flash once per second. When the battery has reached 90% of full  charge the green LED will flash 2 - 3 times per second. In this mode the output  voltage is 13.6VDC and the converter is safely completing the charge of the  battery.


STORAGE Mode - Indicated by green LED flashing every 6 - 8 seconds.  In this mode the output voltage has ben lowered to 13.2VDC, the RV battery is  fully charged and the converter is maintaining the charge.

Made in the USA!!|

This is a new unit with a 2 year warranty.

All of our Progressive Dynamics converters have a valid serial number from the factory.


Order by phone if you prefer: 517-554-1586

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